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☀️ Pilot Program Day 2022

Our pilot program kicked off on a gorgeous day! To cater to approximately 1,000 students spanning the entire primary school, we organized the program over three days, divided into six sessions (morning and afternoon). This endeavor would not have been a resounding success without the invaluable contribution of our passionate and committed volunteers. And of course, our diligent and capable team leader Mana Tita, who worked together closely with the team to ensure smooth sailing. ⛵

The students eagerly immersed themselves in a wealth of knowledge, delving into topics such as the 4Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), plastic pollution, local biodiversity and its importance, and the significance of proper waste management, etc. Beyond theoretical discussions, we enriched the learning experience with hands-on art activities, allowing students to unleash their creativity. These included transforming plastic bottles into funky pen holders and having them draw their dream world. 🌍

Our approach aimed at creating an engaging and interactive atmosphere, blending both theory and practical elements. It was a combo of fun and learning! The incorporation of worksheets also allowed students to reinforce their newfound knowledge collaboratively in the classroom.

To encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the day, we invite you to enjoy a brief video showcasing the highlights of this enriching experience! 😊

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