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Joy Lim Jia Ler

Founder of Enable K.A.R.E

Joy has a great passion for the people and the environment, and this was further developed through her degree of Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Adelaide. She believes that every small action has an impact and that when people come together, great heights will be achieved. She also believes that the harmonic relationship between humans and nature can be rekindled through equipping people with the necessary knowledge.


Criscencia R. da C. Viana Gusmão

Volunteer Team Leader

Tita is a responsible, organised, and deadline-oriented person. She has a passion for teaching and is currently working at LELI, one of the Language Institutes in Dili as a Tetun teacher. She enjoys doing volunteer work because she think it is fun and enables her to learn new things and contribute back to her community. She works with other young Timorese to do volunteer work about personal and environmental hygiene for primary schools students in Dili. Being part of a volunteer group, she has developed into a responsible and mature individual, who works well in teams to achieve objectives.


Ana Dulce dos Santos

Team Member

Ana is a humble and hard-working person. She graduated in 2017 in English teaching from Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e. She has been working at Dili Institute of Technology (DIT) since 2018 as an English teacher. Besides teaching, she is involved in volunteer programs such as Timor Eco Warriors's (TEW) “I Love My Body, I Love My Environment” and Camp EPIC (Empowered, Prepared, Inspired and Connected). Currently, she is a coordinator for TEW's project. During Camp EPIC she collaborated with her friends and provided training on teaching to other university students and teachers in municipalities. Ana is passionate about environmental education for kids and teaching. She also loves sharing with others.


Simão Zainal Ramos


Simon is a self-motivated, dedicated, strong-willed and resilient individual. He is a final year student of physics education at the National University of East Timor. He is passionate about educational studies and the environment. He is specifically interested in education policies and practices, as well as how these can effect environmental sustainability and economic development. He believes that this educational program gives students a deeper understanding of environmental issues and how their decisions and actions affect the environment. He also believes that this is a great school program for students who can’t focus well in a normal classroom setting. As this provides students an opportunity to enjoy themselves out of the classroom while learning.


Juliana da Costa

Team Member

Julia is a very patient individual and a team-player. She would persevere with her peers to overcome challenges, especially environmental challenges. During her studies at the Dili Institute of Technology in Timor Leste, she loved the subject: Health, Safety, and Environment. She is confident that when working together with a passionate team, objectives and goals will be achieved, benefitting everyone. To her, Nature is very important as it provides humans what we need to survive and thrive. 

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Faith Lim Jia Li

Creative Director

Faith is a fun, loving individual. Wherever she goes, she will always be able to liven up the atmosphere with her bubbly and approachable character. Her passion for designing and marketing was discovered during her internship at IoTalents. Together with her creativity and eagerness to learn, she positively impacted the company and was awarded with SME Marketing Solutions Prize by Temasek Polytechnic. Passion and creativity led Faith to many outstanding achievements and made her for who she is. Apart from all these, she has great leadership skills and have been on various executive committees, leading and positively impacting those around her.


Simao do Rosario

Team Member & Advisor

Simmy is a humble, friendly, and dedicated individual. Having graduated from the Institute of Business University and attained a Masters of Applied Science, he still plans to get a PhD, as he is always keen to learn more. He has work with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of East Timor (MEJD) since 2004 and he has just been promoted to being the Director of Protocol, Partnership, and Cooperation at MEJD in March 2020. A role earned with his knowledge, experience, great personality, and passion to serve his country and see his country excel, especially in the education sector. During his free time, he likes to fish, clean, and cook. He has supported Joy and the program since 2019. He recognizes that plastic pollution is a matter of concern in Timor Leste and shares the belief with Joy, that sustainable changes can be made through education, especially through the younger generation who will be the future leaders of Timor Leste and the world.


Eufrasia Vital Pereira


Eufrasia loves being outdoors, and thus she wants to keep the environment clean. She also cares about health a lot. Hence, she works hard to disseminate information about personal hygiene and environment through Timor Eco Warrior's (TEW) programs. Having managed TEWs project in Dili, she strongly believes that it is better to start with kids on how to care about their personal hygiene and environment especially how to dispose waste properly.

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