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The spark that started it all

Enable K.A.R.E was only established in early 2020, but its beginning goes back to early 2019 after our founder, Joy, completed a month-long internship in Dili, Timor Leste. During her stay, she felt that she connected with the Timorese people especially when they spoke Bahasa, a common language that both Joy and the Timorese share. At the end of the internship, she felt that there was more to do, more that she could help with and hence have since started developing this initiative. Joy started developing an educational program for schools that teaches proper waste disposal and the 4Rs which can help reduce plastic pollution that Dili faces. On top of that, she wanted to inspire people to care, love and respect nature, and thus included Timor Leste's abundance of biodiversity into the program. Along the way, Joy was blessed to meet kind and passionate people to help this program materialize. There, the enable K.A.R.E team was born. Through this program, the team hopes that it can contribute to the sustainable development of the beautiful and wonderful Timor Leste.


Enable people with knowledge to make decisions that promote the health of the Environment and Society



To equip people with knowledge, enabling them to make changes the world needs and to foster mutual respect, love and appreciation for the environment

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